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Sponsor a Child


Children are very precious to God, and yet they are the ones most affected by poverty which itself is multifaceted. Sponsor a Child gives us the chance to contribute amid our challenges. Giving back and choosing to help the world’s most vulnerable community is a gift, and part of realising our Christian values. Ultimately, child sponsorship through charity-based organisations can have a powerful impact on the youth and instill charitable values from a young age. As mentioned in ‘Fratelli Tutti’, authored by Pope Francis, charity is what fulfils the commandments “the way God wants them to be fulfilled”. Essentially, without charity, the virtues are just habits that appear as moral values and don’t take into account the extent to which they foster openness and union with others. Sponsor a Child is an attempt to instill a sense of charity in our young people, right from the formative years.

The Beneficiary Organisation:

Snehamandiram Psycho-social Rehabilitation Centre is situated in Padamughom, Idukki District with a patient community of 360, of which a significant number are suffering from physical and mental problems. Snehamatha Balamandiram and St. Antony’s Boys’ Home are part of this trust wherein 58 children, who are either orphans or their family are unable to take proper care of them, live and pursue for a bright future. For this purpose, the trust offers them a plethora of opportunities including curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. They study in CBSE and state English and Malayalam, based on their academic aptitude and abilities. They are given tuitions regularly to get additional help, in particular for slow learners.

Current situation of the Beneficiary Organisation:

The institution is currently finding it challenging to meet the needs of day-to-day activities, as there is no proper source of income. They purely depend on support from the public to support the children, and more recently, the number of kids they have also been increasing. As a result, any help provided is much needed and can make a big difference.

Plan for Sponsorship:

CategoryAmount per yearNumber of children sponsored
Student in Kerala State Board$7502
Student in CBSE$5501
Student – Electrical Engineering$9001
Student – General Nursing$13001

What can you do?

It becomes each one of our responsibility to do our best to share the cause and help raise money to support the wider community. It is recommended that we remain conscious of this being a tradition we run annually.

  1. PRAY (Pray for this new initiative of SMYM)
  2. PARTNER (Contribute to Sponsor a Child and partner with SMYM for this annual project)
  3. PROMOTE (Promote this initiative through social media and small groups)


01 Dec 2021 - 17 Apr 2022